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Brake shoe linings, brake pads

Code Designation Size mm L'Length. * B width. * H caliber. * R    Applicability
1 91-3502105 340*120*10*148 Bus "Bogdan" model: AO 91; AO 92, AKL 722 FF
2 91-3502105-1 340*120*11*148
3 91-3502105-2 340*120*12*148
4 91-3502105-3 340*120*13*148
5 91-3502105-4 340*120*14*148
6 79-3502105 288*115*15,6*160 Bus «Etalon» model: А079.14; А079.17/19; А079.23; А079.23; BAZ 2215, TATA LP-613/38 BUS
7 79-3502105-1 288*115*16,6*160
8 79-3502105-2 288*115*17,6*160
9 53-3502105-01 210*100*14,5/11,5*170 The bus "PAZ" model: PAZ-672; PAZ-3201; PAZ-3205
10 14-3501105 196*150*20*191 Trolleybus model 14 Tr; 15 Tr-01 (front axle)
11 НТ-Ш2 301*84*10*150 Bus “Hyundai County” (Short)
12 НТ-Ш3 177*177*14*205 Terminal tractor "Terberg RT-20"


Trams, trolley buses


Code Designation Size mm L'Length. * B width. * H caliber. * R Applicability
1 14-3501105 196*150*20*191 Trolley model: Tr 14; 15 Tr-01 (front axle)
2 НТ-Ш1-001 Ба 130*67,5*12,5*137 Trams TZ, TZM (drum brakes)
3 НТ-Ш1-1.00 130*67,5*12,5*137
4 НТ-Ш1-2.00 Ба 130*75*20 Trams TZ, TZM (disc brakes)
5 НТ-Ш1-2.00 130*75*20


According to the requirements of paragraph 4.1.11 DSTU 4224: 2003 "Tram cars. Brake systems. General technical requirements..." Brake pads  that do not contain asbestos should be used on the new tram cars.


Today, the brake linings of the private enterpreneur Y. Shinkarenko (Bila Tserkva) meet requirements,(the letter of the Main State technical inspection of city electric number 21 / 5-25 on 15.02.07).


The mileage of the wagon, while a pad wear, reaches the maximum value allowed for the test results (performance test report from 03.07.2006g.) Is 89 thousand km, which meets the requirements of TU V35.2-2241600219-002:. 2006 (mileage is spelled out less than 10 thous. km).


In 2008, according to the letter №11 / 5-27 from 09.02.2008 of the Main State technical inspection of the city electric, the periodic testing, brake pads (test report from NEC MET 01.02.2008.), Who confirmed that the brake pads drum brake НТ-Ш1-01 and brake pads disc brake of a tramcar HT for SH1-002 physico-mechanical properties meet the requirements of TU in 35.2-2241600219-002: 2006.




What is a reliable vehicle? This is a combination of features, such as aerodynamic performance, reliable engine, a comfortable lounge, where the driver and his passengers are safe. But there is another component that affects all without exception, means of transport and is one of the most important in the reliable operation of the vehicle. This is brake, which will not stand you up in a moment of danger, their correct operation of the brake pads provide were it Lanos or KAMAZ...


What affects the quality of brake pads

Brake shoes - is the detail to which the excessive demands are imposed, since it helps ensure safe driving. They should be changed regularly, the high-quality brake pads to buy - means not to put in jeopardy the driver and his passengers. And if the steel frame of a pad skeleton has been a standard for a long time and is not subjected to a large modernization, you cant tell the same about the linings. They constantly change their structure and chemical content. Begins its existence with the iron and asbestos and finishing with friction materials. These materials have considerable friction, it can normally function with considerable friction and high temperatures.

Efficiency of repeated brakings the brake pads provide, the quality of them plays a huge role in the duration of their performance and reliability. Therefore, manufacturers have created their own formula for the friction material lining, which is held in strict confidence. It can be various fillers spetssmoly, synthetic rubber, all kinds of fiber, etc.

The duration of continuous performance of brake pads, as we can see, depends on such factors: a country of the manufacturer, for example - Ukraine, a firm material and its quality, quantity and intensity of braking. There is a difference, if you go on the highway out of town without stops or, for example, a bus and a trolley that travels around the city and it needs to slow down often. Therefore brake lining Bogdan, require a great deal of attention due to the operating conditions.


The parameters that have an impact on the value of the brake pads

If we look at the brake pads, the price of them depend on the same factors that affect the quality: the material, the manufacturer or brand. Better to buy spare parts from the manufacturer, buying them you can guarantee the quality. For example, the brake linings of the private enterpreneur Shinkarenko - is a quality product that is made in accordance with all requirements of official technical inspection. You can tempt by the products of unknown manufacturers, -then the price will be lower. But purchasing the brake shoes - cost/quality ratio is irrefragable. After all, saving on the price, you can spend twice as much as if it would be of poor quality item, which quickly breaks down. Well if it were without any consequences for the life and health of people.

 You should buy brake pads only after being sure to ability and reliability of the manufacturer. By no means do not buy parts of unknown origin. Since the main  factor of quality and duration of usage of linings are their frictional peculiarities. The better the material of the pads is, the higher will be the price. Cheap analogues have to be changed frequently.


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